LA Adventures

It has been a long time since I last posted so I wanted to give a recap of my first college semester! Here are some places in LA that I visited so far


  1. Last Bookstore 

Hands down the best bookstore (and the most magical) one I have ever been to! From the moment I stepped inside, I felt transported into a whole world altogether. You can find so many books, new and antique as well as even first edition books. This place is decorated in a beautiful manner with flying book, book cutouts, etc. A must visit place in Downtown LA.


2. Grand Central Market

Walking into the  Grand Central Market, the air was filled the smell of so many delicacies. I decided to try the Chicken Pad Thai and it was so delicious. The portion was a good sized. Although a little over-priced, it was still worth the buy!

3. Griffith Park


“City of stars
Are you shining just for me?

City of stars
There’s so much that I can’t see”
~La La Land

4. LA Coliseum

Game Days at the Coliseum supporting the Trojans are some of my most memorable times this semester!










Heaven on Earth

Heaven, to most,  seems like such a utopian world where they are just waiting to end up in. The perfect place with beautiful surrounding, people, everything in white, just like stories tell us. But, I think differently. I think Heaven exist on Earth and I can gladly saw I have had a moment when everything simply disappeared and I actually believed I was in a world very far away from us.

During my trip to India, one destination I visited was Udaipur, known for its palaces and lakes. But I didn’t know that from a particular location, five different lakes met, right under the clouds covering the sun yet, the sun rays finding its way to reach the water. In the minute, everything seemed perfect, just like in the stories.

Sadly, no picture can do justice to that memorable moment.

This specific picture was taken half-way from a path up to a Mata Temple, to where we took a cable car to reach. Although the ride was long, the view was definitely worth the time.

Such a Wonder