Food Review: Milk Box

Location- The District at Tustin Legacy, Tustin

Walking around The District at Tustin Legacy, I noticed the Union Market. I have never been there before and was honestly surprised to see how cute and vintage looking the place was. There were many cafes, clothing stores, and it felt that I had left Irvine/ Tustin area altogether and traveled back in time. The ambiance of the location was definitely a hit for me.

I was craving something to drink, so decided to stop at Milk Box. It was a great experience. The service was great! The workers greeted us, gave us a description about the different drinks they had present as well as nutritive facts and origins about their ingredients. They said that they did not use any syrup or preservatives for the drinks. They even let us try samples of the various drinks- we tried Peach Iced Tea, Mango Iced Tea, and Jasmine Milk Tea. They all tasted a little on the sweeter side. I ended by getting the Jasmine Milk Tea with boba and told them to make it less sweet (drink on the right) and my friend ended up getting Mango Iced Tea with boba and told them to make it less sweet as well (drink on the left). We were surprised by how fast they made our drinks.

My drink tasted a little bland at first but it slowly started to taste better. I think as the boba started mixing in, the drink became better and made me want to gulp it down fast but at the same time drink slowly and for a longer time.

I would recommend visiting this place and enjoying the drink along with the beautiful ambiance of its location!


My Rating:

Price of Drink: ($5)

Service: 5/5




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