Mosaics of life

Beautiful patterns made of hundreds of different natural colors on the doorstep welcome you into every household. Yeah, that’s what a ‘Rangoli’ is. It is a lovely mosaic made during the Indian Festival of Lights – Diwali which was celebrated last weekend.

My mind is exactly that as well. A thousand different ideas keep jostling with each other for my mind-space. And very often, many of those disappear before seeing the light of day.

I often find myself making to-do lists on sticky notes and index-cards. From school homework to events reminders, you can find notes throughout my study table and on random pages of my notebooks. Another colorful mosaic.

If we open our eyes, we see colorful mosaics all around us, in the randomness of nature – the flowers, the clouds, rain and snow, the flurry of cars rushing by, children playing in the park. Well, life’s a wonderful mosaic, isn’t it ?


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